Importance of attending class

If you really want to do well in a course ,you must promise yourself tha you will go to class and take good notes .This document will offer a series of tips on how to take effective classroom notes. However the hints will be of no value if you’re don’t attend class. The importance of attending class regularly cannot be over emphasized. Students who cut class rarely do well in college

The alternatives to class attendance _ reading the text or using someone else’s notes _ can seldom substitute for the experience of being in class and hearing the instructor talk about key ideas in the course.

Hints for taking classroom notes

1. Keep a written record

G t down a written record for each class . It’s important that you write down the material covered because forgetting begins almost immediately. Studies have shown that within two weeks you probably will forget about 80% or more of what you’ve heard and in four weeks you are lucky if 5% remains! To guard against the restlessness of forgetting, you must write down much of the information presented in class. Later, you will study your note so that I you can understand and remember the ideas presented in class. Note that the more complete your notes are ,when you review them, the more likely you are to master the material.

Also abbreviate the following common words using the symbols shown

1.+=and. 2. eg=for example

3.w/=with. 4. Info= Information

5. Def=definition

This will help you to be more fast to save time

2. Do advance reading.

Ideally read I advance about the topic to be discussed in class. All too often, students don’t read assigned textbook materials on a topic until class is over. Lacking the necessary background, they have trouble understanding the new ideas discussed in class. However, if they have made an initial breakthrough on a topic by doing some advanced reading, they will be able to listen and take notes more easily and with greater understanding

3 . Ask questions

Don’t hesitate to ask the teacher questions if certain points are confusing to you. Probably , other students have the same questions but are reluctant to ask to have the material clarified. Remember that teachers look favourably upon student who show interest and curiosity.

4. Review your notes soon after class

Remember to go over you notes immediately after class. This will keep the material still fresh in your mind. A day later may be too late because forgetting sets in almost at once. As far as possible make sure your punctuation is clear, that unfinished ideas are completed , and that all words are readable and we’ll spelt. You can also write out completely words you’ve abbreviated during lectures.

Follow these instructions and your academic status will never be the same.

There will surely be a turn over

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